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Outline for Ministries – Current COVID Guidelines for Edenton Street UMC

We anticipate that worship will remain virtual for the foreseeable future due to continued health and safety limitations on large gatherings. Of necessity, much about our existing church ministries will be different when we first are able to come together as a body of believers in smaller groups. Engaging together will be a small first step toward restoring all the many gatherings and activities of ESUMC. Though different and perhaps even awkward, it is our hope that the joy of learning and fellowshipping together will overshadow any awkwardness. Health and safety will need to be the priorities, but the restrictions required initially and for a time will be a small price to pay to be able to gather once more in these sacred and holy spaces. We are beginning to address the protocols that will need to be in place once the decision is made to offer on-site worship. 

At this time, our recommendations below are based on our (ESUMC leadership team and Re-entry Task Force) comfort level to bring a small group of people to gather. Our approach is to “walk, then run” and keep congregational care & safety as our priority. As a team, we plan to assess the below guidelines on a monthly basis based on the progress of the state/city re-entry phases, as well as feedback from the church leadership teams and the re-entry task force.

Click here to read the current Church Council Policy on Gatherings



Services of Lament and Grief in Brown Chapel

Our own pain, grief, or perhaps shame and guilt surround our memories of the past year. These may be wounds that we want to hide or perhaps pretend they never happened. We are eager to “return to normal.” This is an invitation into a two night opportunity in which our communion can engage in the healing process of touching our wounds. These services are not meant to stand in place of licenced therapy. As our communion learns to lament, our hope is that these services are opportunities that serve in conjunction with seeing a licensed therapist.

Wednesday, July 21st  at 7 p.m.

In this service we will explore the act of lament within our communion. We will reach out and touch our own pain and woundedness through contemplating Christ’s journey into our brokenness and woundedness in John 20:24-30.  We will begin by listening to Christ’s invitation to reach out and touch his wounds. We start with Christ because Christ is our beginning and our end.
Wednesday, July 28th at 7 p.m.
In this service we will continue to learn to lament through pressing into John 21. We will journey with Christ as he takes Peter into Peter’s own wounds. It is over the charcoal fire that Peter denied Christ and it is here once again, over a charcoal fire, that Christ transports Peter back into his wound. In this service we will take up Christ’s invitation to dress our wounds for healing. It is in Christ and through Christ that we begin to comprehend that healing and wholeness doesn’t happen through forgetting our pain.   As we begin to touch our own pain, we will learn to pause and lament allowing our hearts to ache for our neighbors who are hurting.




Mark your calendars and plan to come to one of two Safe Sanctuaries Trainings to be held in August. These trainings are open to all volunteers with Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults.  We have a newly revised and updated policy and procedures to keep our children, youth, adults and volunteers as safe as possible.  Everyone who volunteers with any of these areas will need to be trained, even if you have been trained in the past. We will have two other training sessions in September if one of these doesn’t work for you.  Please contact Rush Beam (rbeam@esumc.org) or Pam Russell (prussell@esumc.org) for more information.   Thank you for your commitment to be aware of every safety precaution that we should take as we work with others!

1st Training:  Sunday, August 8, 6:30-7:00PM in the Chapel
2nd Training:  Sunday, August 15, 9:45-10:15 in the Chapel


Family Camp 2021

September 24-26, 2021
Camp Don Lee, Arapahoe, NC

Join eStreet Kids and their families at Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe, NC for some quality time together to focus on faith, family and fellowship without the demands of daily life. Each Family is assigned to their own cabin and meals will be provided family-style. Activities include sailing, fishing, canoeing, arts & crafts, swimming, music, high-ropes course and hay rides, as well as age-friendly enrichment led by Camp Don Lee staff. $113 per person, $500 max per immediate family, under 3 free. www.donleecenter.org

Deposits are not required to register at this point and we ask that you only register yourself (not every family ember attending). We will collect family information, deposits and payments at a later date.

Click here to signup.