Sunday with River Jordan

riverAuthor River Jordan will be with us on Sunday, October 23rd for 2 very special events. Mark your calendars and plan to be a part of the day! First, she will be in the Chapel on that Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour, (9:45-10:45) to discuss her book “Praying for Strangers”. (Check out the accolades published in the book offered by our own Rev. Bob Bauman!) Several years ago, River learned that both sons would be deployed to different parts of the middle east at the same time and finding a deep need to focus her concerns for them, she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to start the new year praying for a different stranger each day. The people she encountered and those experiences of prayer are chronicled in her book “Praying for Strangers” and she will share with us on that Sunday morning how she herself as been shaped as a result.

Our time with River Jordan on Sunday morning will be a great opportunity to get to know her prior to the Sunday afternoon Prayer workshop she will lead!

As a follow up to Sunday morning, join Ms. Jordan for a workshop on the same Sunday afternoon from 4pm-7pm titled The 12 Keys to “Praying for Strangers”. This inspiring and practical workshop will help us learn how we all are prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for others and in doing so are partnering with God to shape the world for the good and are ourselves spiritually shaped in the process. Childcare is available with reservation. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

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