Summer @ The Gathering

We’re engaging in some Summer Rest and moving to one 9:30 service at The Gathering from June 11 through August 13!

See below a note from the Rev. Will McLeane:

Friends, I want to announce to you that our Gathering Committee has prayerfully discerned that we will move to one service at 9:30 am for this summer, starting on June 11 and ending on August 13th.  On August 20th, we will resume service times at 9:30 and 11 am.

Alright, lets ask, “Why?”   First, the obvious: people at ESUMC “get out there,” and I mean “way out there.”  You all are a traveling bunch; many travel agents could run a business through this community alone.  And we celebrate that.  Many of you run for most of the year at a near unbearable pace of life, and if you’re like me, there is something about leaving town that actually allows you to enter into the divine rhythms of rest.  So, when you are in town this summer, we want you to come to worship in a packed room that feels full of vibrancy and life.

And second, more importantly, is the deeper “why.”  It drives everyone I’m close to crazy, but I can’t do something or agree to something just because it’s practical.  Our community has been through a lot of change in the last two years: sending a good number of missionaries to found our Church on Morgan and Southeast Raleigh Table multi-site communities, and working through key leadership transitions on both a lay and staff level. I see this summer as the perfect opportunity for us to all worship in the same room and solidify who we are as The Gathering: the shared vision and mission between our two services. When we re-launch the 11 am in August, it will be around a core group of prayerful families who are excited and on-board with a re-imagined and yet somewhat familiar 11 am service.

Finally, as someone who is always in worship on Sunday morning, I really look forward to exercising the teaching office of my call to ministry as I will lead a class for part of the summer during the 11 o’clock hour.  You are more than welcome to join.  

Review: one service @ 9:30 from June 11-August 13th.  All for good reasons.