Leadership Opportunities

Re-opening is a communal act of love. We need your help to make it happen! Visit the Leadership Opportunities page and indicate every way that you might be interested in helping replant Edenton Street.

Upcoming trainings are listed below.


We are excited to have returned to weekly In-person Worship. Our new worship times as as follows:

Sanctuary: 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

The Gathering: 10:30 a.m.

What to Expect at In-Person Services

We are excited to welcome you back to weekly in-person worship. We will continue to also worship online. Anyone at risk of COVID-19 or who otherwise feels more comfortable worshiping from home may continue to do so. We encourage you to do whatever feels safest and most comfortable to you!

In accordance with current CDC and state guidelines, you can expect the following at our in-person gatherings on Sundays:


– We will worship at 8:30 am (Sanctuary) and 10:30 am (Gathering and Sanctuary).

– While we have printed bulletins in the Sanctuary, you can also find the bulletin digitally on the website (Sanctuary) or by QR code (Gathering).

– We be passing offering bowls but you can give by “text to give” or online if you feel more comfortable sharing your gift that way.

– On Sundays when we share signs of peace, no one should feel obligated to shake hands, hug, or bump fists. Peace signs and head nods are entirely acceptable. – Communion elements will be received separately (no dipping) at different stations for those who wish to participate.


– To worship with the 10:30 am Sanctuary, follow this link:

– To worship with the 10:30 am Gathering, follow this link:


– We will have childcare provided in the nursery for children up to 5 years of age.

– Worship Activity sheets and individual packs of crayons are available for children to use during worship. Additionally, summer devotional materials are available for preschoolers and elementary children in the narthex of the sanctuary, in the children’s area in Kerr Hall, and at the nursery check in desk.


– Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout our building.

– Coffee + Water will be available for those who would like them on a self-serve basis.


– We will not be enforcing social distancing and no capacity restrictions are in place. However, we kindly ask that you, your guests, and/or kids recognize and respect the comfort level of others in regards to space and social distancing.

– In Kerr Hall, we will set out a specific number of chairs that allow ample space for guests. If we fill the pre-set chairs, we will ask folks to worship with the Gathering via live-stream, or join our 10:30 Sanctuary worship.


– We encourage all people, vaccinated or not, to wear a mask while indoors.

– Masks are required and available for adults in our nursery spaces.

– Per CDC guidelines, masks are required for non-vaccinated children 2 and older.


What is the mask policy?

We require all people, vaccinated or not, to wear a mask while indoors.
We encourage families to sit together, with space between family groups and individuals.
We look forward to being together in worship, and pray for the health and safety of all.

When will Sunday School reopen?

We anticipate reopening Sunday school on September 12th.

What are the current guidelines for Ministries?

At this time, our recommendations below are based on our (ESUMC leadership team and Re-entry Task Force) comfort level to bring a small group of people to gather.  Our approach is to “walk, then run” and keep congregational care & safety as our priority.   As a team, we plan to assess the below guidelines on a monthly basis based on the progress of the state/city re-entry phases, as well as feedback from the church leadership teams and the re-entry task force.

Click here to read the updated Church Council Policy on Gatherings