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    Ned Hill - January 3, 2016

    Life At Its Best (Sanctuary)

    From Series: "Life At Its Best (Sanctuary)"

    We know the drill. At the start of every new year, plenty of ad campaigns will try and lure us into believing we can re-package our lives to be greater and better than they were the year before. But despite making more promising resolutions and setting more practical life goals, most of us will not end up with a better-than-last-year’s-life. What if in 2016 we resolved not to make more resolutions? What if we abandoned the notion that it’s up to us to manufacture a great life? Instead, what if we allowed God to give us a life at its best? Join us in January as we explore the book of Jeremiah and uncover how faith in God’s masterful ability can shape our lives into their very best. Eugene Peterson, who authored the book, “Run with the Horses: The Quest for Life At Its Best,” reminds us that Jeremiah had an exemplary life, not because it was flashy, but because it was lived Godward. Like Peterson we “hope to stir up a dissatisfaction with anything less than our best. [We] want to provide fresh documentation that the only way that any of us can live at our best is in a life of radical faith in God.” The idea of living this way seems impossible to some of us. Our hope is we’ll change your mind, and ultimately, that God will transform your life.


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