1. Message: “Shift: Everyday Epiphany” from Will McLeane

    Communicator | January 9, 2020

    Will McLeane - July 10, 2016

    Labelmaker: Mine

    Labelmaker (Gathering)

    Isaiah 43

    From Series: "Labelmaker (Gathering)"

    Chances are you’ve faced them or been given them from your earliest days until now: Different. Slow. Failure. Underachiever. Unlovable. Stupid. Bad Mom. Deadbeat Dad. Bad Seed. After years of being told who you are…well, it’s easy to believe it. Over time, we live into the labels others thrust upon us. But what if we turned our eyes and tuned our ears to the words of the original Labelmaker – the One Who tells us who we REALLY are and who we really are CREATED to be? Join us as we ponder what follows when God says: "You are…"


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