1. Message: “Fighting Fair: Jealous Love” from Will McLeane

    Communicator | November 28, 2018

    Will McLeane - November 25, 2018

    Fighting Fair: Jealous Love

    Fighting Fair (The Gathering)

    Will Build on Idea of Covenant and the Covenant King. Jesus fulfilled the covenant even undo death on a cross with and for us. And How Jesus is the only King who actually fulfills promises... Bigger/pastoral picture: Covenant allows us to fight for each other with both feet in the ring. With everything that we have. With a holy jealously for the other persons heart. Typically, we do not fight for each other with "both feet in the ring." We are always on the edge of figuring out what we can do to keep one foot toward the exit. There are examples of covenant in marriage of course, but the church is also a covenant community. Meant to fight for each other and our lives as if everything in the world depended on it.

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