Leadership Opportunities


Edenton Street Needs You!

Re-opening is a communal act of love. We need your help to make it happen! Upcoming trainings are listed below.

The community of Edenton Street is building, repairing, and celebrating communion. Each of us has a role to play as we worship God together and lead each other into a discipleship that transforms the world.

Follow one or more of the paths below to indicate which ways you might serve and lead. Saying that you might be interested in an area of service does not obligate you to serve in that area; it opens the door to further exploration and helps the church organize orientation, information, and training sessions where you can learn more.

If you have never responded to these interest surveys before, please respond to one or more of them now, even if you already serve as a volunteer leader, because it helps us prepare for new orientation and re-training sessions.

Leading and Supporting Worship in the Sanctuary

Every Sunday, dozens of people are needed to lead worship in the Sanctuary. Ushers, musicians, acolytes, communion servers: all of these are volunteers who help us worship together. Follow the Sanctuary Team link below to indicate how you might participate.

Leading and Supporting Worship at The Gathering

Every Sunday, volunteers welcome people to The Gathering, serve communion, play in the band, and read prayers and Scripture. Follow the The Gathering Team link below to indicate how you might participate.

Communications Ministry

The COVID-19 pandemic made us all realize that our church parish has no geographical limits. People all over the world join together to worship with us. Help them by following the Communications Team link below.

Children’s Ministries and Sunday School

We offer loving care and instruction to babies, preschoolers, and elementary school children. This requires nursery workers, Sunday School helpers, and people who have a vision for children of God. Children’s Ministry staff members will train, support, and work alongside you. Join us by following the Children’s Ministries link below.

Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministries change lives. If you help, you will find yours changed, too. Learn more about being a small group leader, confirmation mentor, or part of our youth hospitality team by following the Youth Ministries link below.

Small Groups and Missional Communities

The first churches were small groups of people who gathered together to talk about Jesus. At Edenton Street, people are rediscovering the joy of meeting in small groups to share the rhythms of following God in our every-day lives. Learn more about facilitating small groups by following the Small Groups and Missional Communities link below. You can also read more about our Small Groups.

Transportation and Senior Adult Ministries

Do you love driving around downtown Raleigh? ESUMC needs volunteers who can drive the minibus to pick up Esumc from our local care communities. This person would leave 1 hour prior to Sunday school, pick up residents and bring them to ESUMC. After the 10:30 worship service this person would return all residents back to their care communities. This person must be 21 and older with a valid and current driver’s license. No prior experience needed in driving the minibus! We will train you to drive the minibus and provide the opportunity for you to receive Safe Sanctuaries training.

Don’t let not wanting to drive the minibus bus stop you! Do you have a passion for talking to older adults? We are also in need of volunteer riders who will ride along to and from ESUMC on Sundays. All we require is that this person is physically capable of helping persons on and off the bus. We will also provide Safe Sanctuaries training.