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Ashley Griffith - February 11, 2018

Grit: Surviving Shipwrecks

Grit (Gathering)

Acts 27:27-28:5 -What happens when you royally screw up? -When for all intents and purposes, your life is shipwrecked. -Grace makes us new, but grit is what is required to live into this newness of life. You have to hear the hard truths, crawl out of the hole, and fight like hell for a new shot at life. -God parts the red seas, but you have to have the trust and grit to walk through.

From Series: "Grit (Gathering)"

A new series on perseverance and courage in the face of difficulties. Join us beginning January 7 and running through February 11 as we explore how best to keep our focus on Christ in the middle of difficult circumstances.

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