Every Meal A Moment

You are invited to make every meal a moment to worship God.

For Rev. Ashley Griffith’s May 5th and May 7th devotions and recipes follow this link.

Below are table blessings, prayers, and toasts for adults and children. We have included a prayer for when you are eating alone, as well as a prayer that can be used with a group eating together. We will also include these prayers in this week’s weekly email. Lastly, just for fun, post photos of your meals and tag @esumcraleigh and use the hashtag #everymealamoment.

Table Blessings:

May every meal be a moment with you, Lord. Amen.

Table Question:  

Where did you experience the goodness of God today? What brought you joy today?

Table Prayer  (to God): 

For your companionship, provision, and love, I give you thanks, Oh God!

Table Toast (to others around the table): 

(Name), I see you and I’m glad we’re at this table together!

Table Prayer, Kids’ Version (to God): 

God, you’re the best! Thanks for this food, thanks for my family, thanks for your love! Amen.  Download and print this table tent to color and decorate!

Prayer Before a Meal Eaten Alone :

Sit with me and linger at this table, O Lord.

Sit with me as my father.

Sit with me as my brother.

Sit with me as my shepherd.

Sit with me as my friend.

During this meal,

may I know more fully your presence and more clearly hear your voice.

Thank you for your love, your company, and your grace!

Lord, during this meal I sit with you in joy and gratitude, in Jesus’ name, 



A Prayer Before a Meal Shared with Others from “Every Moment Holy”

O King of Joys Eternal, today we praise you for small wonders;

in them we see your delight.

For birds that trill and warble their worship,

For the verdant witness of windblown leaves,

And of starlight sparkling, and of sunlit streams, and of blooming flowers,

We praise you, O King.

your joy is everywhere manifest,

even in the smallest things.

We praise you, O King,

for soft beds and blankets,

for stories and songs

for kisses and kindnesses.

Your tenderness is displayed in all things nurturing.

Your mercy is manifest in the details of this world, O Lord.

Your grace is worked into every corner of creation,

Your care is evident in the fabric of all created things,

Even in the pleasurable and nourishing aspects of this meal.

For this food and for all small wonders,

We give you thanks and we give you praise, O God.