Doorstep Ministry

What would you do if you paid your monthly bills and there was not enough money left to pay your rent? What if, after buying food and clothing for your family, and paying your water bill, you could not afford to pay for electricity for your home? Where would you turn for help? The Doorstep Ministry is a unique ministry at Edenton Street that is working to solve this problem for some of our Wake County neighbors who have the most need.

The Doorstep Ministry aims to help pay for rent or utilities for people in desperate need. We help those who need financial assistance, referrals to other aid programs, food and diaper referrals, or simply prayer and a listening ear.

If you need financial assistance, please call the Doorstep Ministry office on Mondays beginning at 3:00 pm at 919-832-9530 to set up an appointment. This is the only way to receive financial assistance.

How can you help? You can pray for our ministry and those it helps; provide financial assistance here (select Doorstep in the dropdown) by writing a check made out to Edenton Street UMC (“Doorstep” on the memo line) and bringing it any Sunday or mailing it to the church; or serve as a Doorstep Ministry volunteer.