Small Groups and Missional Communites

Small Groups

Friendship is how God has chosen to save the world. God exists in community as the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has made us from and for friendship. At ESUMC we are creating small groups to foster holy friendships that God might transform us and transform the world through these friendships so that earth looks a little more like heaven. Small groups are one way we live out the words we pray at the communion table when we ask Christ to make us “One with Christ, one with each other and one in ministry to all the world.”

Small groups are made up of twelve people who covenant to engage in shared practices and rhythms together such as daily prayer, reading scripture, showing up for one another, sharing meals, and praying together. 

To learn more about small groups, contact Rev. Ashley Griffith, Pastor of Community Life

Missional Communities

Missional Communities are gatherings of three or four small groups who come together with a shared mission to serve following the mission Jesus gives in Matthew 25: feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, care for the sick and those in prison.

Missional Communities will re-launch in the Spring of 2022 so we can use this first phase of re-launching to create and build our small groups.