Edenton Street United Methodist Church offers two traditional and two contemporary worship services on Sunday mornings. Not sure which service to attend? Both styles include worship through music, prayer and a relevant message based on the Bible. Try them both and see which style suits you best!

When you visit on a Sunday, our hospitality will be evident to you.  We have a host of volunteers to greet you when parking, at the door, and during the services.  If you need help to locate a classroom and any other need we will be available to help.  Have a cup of coffee and enjoy your morning!

If you’re unable to visit in person, we offer a number of live and recorded worship broadcast options.

Church on Morgan

You can also visit our first multi-site campus, Church on Morgan. The people of Edenton Street United Methodist Church have worshipped on the corner of Edenton and Dawson Streets since 1811, which means that we’ve been committed to serving the Capital and its people for over 200 years now. In 2010, the leadership of our church sensed God calling us to put down roots in a new neighborhood and as a result, Church on Morgan was launched as the first multi-site community (we call them “tables”) of Edenton Street United Methodist Church.

Our new home is on the corner of Morgan & Blount Streets in the middle of the “Food Corridor” or Moore Square District of our city – an entrepreneurial area defined by local restaurants, great artists, and lots of new residents. We believe it’s one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Raleigh and we consider it a privilege to serve and invest here.

Learn more about Church on Morgan.

Southeast Raleigh

Our Southeast Raleigh Table will be the second multi-site campus of Edenton Street United Methodist Church. Similar to Church on Morgan with its parish-driven focus, the Southeast Raleigh Table is contextualized to embody the spirit and energy of the neighborhoods located within Edenton Street’s east downtown and southeast Raleigh parish. The SERT’s future home has yet to be identified; however, the anticipated public launch date is January 2017.

In the meantime, this community meets for worship every third Sunday at 11 AM at 301 West Jones Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you’d like more information about the Southeast Raleigh Table, subscribe to its newsletter.

For questions, contact Lisa Yebuah, campus pastor.

Traditional Services

Edenton Street United Methodist Church offers two traditional worship services. Both are on Sunday morning, one at 8:40 am and the other at 10:55 am.

Bicentennial Sunday 2011 3

Bicentennial Worship Service 2011

These traditional services feature the great hymns of our faith and choral music of the highest order. The services also include acts of praise, confession, thanksgiving, proclamation, and dedication. The sermons are biblically-based and seek to emphasize spiritual growth and Christian service. These services are traditional but not stuffy, holy but not solemn, and in a large space with the feeling of a family gathering.

The Gathering Contemporary Worship

If Traditional worship isn’t for you, we have two contemporary worship services called The Gathering. They are held on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am and 11:11 am in Kerr Hall. The services include lively music, prayer, an applicable message rooted in scripture, all offered in a casual setting.

Sunday the Gathering

The Gathering Worship Service

You don’t have to dress up, but you can. You’ll find a friendly, relaxed place where you can truly be yourself. You’ll be encouraged, challenged, and taught how to connect with God. You’ll enjoy worshiping and have fun meeting people just like you, ordinary people who have encountered an awesome God.

Come expecting to find real people who are learning every day how to serve God by serving and loving each other.


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Loop System in the Sanctuary  

Our Sanctuary is fitted with an induction loop system for the benefit of those with hearing aids.   Please switch your device to “T.”  Your Hearing Aid provider can upgrade your device if you do not already have the T-Coil setting option.